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Organic Acacia Honey

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Organic Acacia Honey
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HK$ 75.00

Health Benefits: Its pleasant aroma is loved by children and it is very useful in their diet as it increases appetite and quickly replenishes lost energy. It also cleanses the liver, regulates the intestine, and is anti-inflammatory for the respiratory system.

Flavour: Our raw and unfiltered Organic German Acacia Honey has a very delicate, mild and fruity-floral flavour which still bears the scent of acacia flowers with slight hints of vanilla.

Matches: Since it dissolves easily it is an excellent sweetener for tea and other drinks and a superb choice on fruit salads, vegetables, bread and a perfect with fresh and blue cheeses.




Germany, March of Brandenburg (Mark Brandenburg)

This region offers a unique natural beauty with more than 3,000 crystal-clear lakes and 30,000 kilometres of rivers. Approximately 50% of the area is forested with beeches, sessile oaks, pines and acacia trees.

Each year at the end of May the gnarled acacia trees are covered with lush white fragrant flower clusters, making it a feast for our bees. Nearly the whole forest is buzzing as the busy bees collect the sweet nectar and create this very fine, subtle and clear Hexapi Honey Dream.




Raw organic German Acacia Honey

Nutritional Information per 100g / 100ml 
Calories 318 kcal
Protein 0.3 g
Total Fat 0 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 79 g
Sugar 79 g
Sodium 0 mg
Health Benefits

Health Benefits


Because of its pleasant and mild taste our Organic German Acacia Honey is very useful in the diet of children and young people and possesses good disinfectant and digestive properties. Its mild aroma increases appetite and quickly replenishes lost energy due to its high energetic value of 750 kcal per 250g.

It contains many vitamins (especially B1, B2, B6 and B12), phytohormones, aromatic compounds, organic acids, flavones, flavonoids, dextrin and various nitrogen compounds. In total it includes 435 substances and its fructose content of 42% is higher than the one of other honeys. It also contains 10% sucrose and maltose and 35% glucose.

Acacia honey is therefore great choice for diabetics because of its low sucrose content

Digestive Acacia honey active enzymes improve stomach and duodenum mucous membrane regeneration. Additionally, it has anti acidic properties and is therefore used to cure digestive problems associated with an abundant secretion of gastric acid.

Kidney & Urinary System Acacia honey has also diuretic qualities and a low protein quantity compare to other honeys. Both is a desired effect in urinary and kidney problems.

Liver Detox Our acacia honey contains a high quantity of easily absorbed fructose and glucose that revitalizes your liver.

It is further recommended for bronchial disturbances and respiratory infections for its anti-inflammatory function and has positive effects with people that suffer from insomnia, headaches or are exposed to stress and tension during the day. Acacia Honey therapeutic properties are further used for curing ulcer, asthenia, neurosis, cough, appetite increase, improvement of heart, and the increase of blood haemoglobin levels.


Disclaimer The information presented above is not intended to prescribe or give in any way or form medical advice, or diagnose. Please always consult your trusted physician.




Acacia honey is best to use every morning, at least one teaspoon before breakfast pure or dissolved in warm water, milk, tea, or apple vinegar. It is recommended to use it with chamomile tea, because it increases the effect of tea and honey. It pairs also nicely with fruit salads, vegetables, bread and a perfect match with fresh and blue cheeses.

Fruit Salad with Acacia Honey Orange Dressing

Fruit Salad with Acacia Honey Orange Dressing with raw and natural Organic Acacia Honey or Angel Acacia Honey.


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Angel Honey Limeaid Cocktail

Angel Honey Limeaid Cocktail with Hexapi Angel Acacia Honey & Organic Mild Summer Honey Wine


Bär & Pear Cocktail

Bär & Pear Cocktail with Hexapi Honey Bärenfänger and Organic Acacia Honey

Did you know

Did you know


Acacia honey has a high fructose to glucose ratio and will therefore not crystalize for a long time.

Originally the acacia tree, also called false acacia or botanically correct Robinia pseudoacacia L. originated from North America and was introduced in Germany in 1670 into local castle gardens and parks.

Hexapi Organic German Acacia Honey originates from naturally grown, unplanted and untreated acacia trees in protected forest areas which give less nectar than honey from commercial acacia plantations whose canopies are much bigger so they receive more sun to produce flowers.

Since German acacia trees bloom in May when bee populations are still undeveloped, bees cannot entirely use its nectar even though our bees are so busy with it that they have no time taking nectar from other plants. Real raw untreated German acacia honey is rare!

Annual seasonal and biologic factors also make it also impossible to reproduce our Organic Acacia Honey exactly the same from year to year so slight variations in colour and taste may occur – making it a truly enjoyable natural honey.

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