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Hexapi German Organic Propolis

Anti-epidemic Tips Hexapi German Organic Propolis

Anti-epidemic Tips
Hexapi German Organic Propolis

✅Improve Immunity and Fight Coronavirus effectively

The recent outbreak of coronavirus is alarming. Apart from wearing basic masks, washing hands and other basic health protection measures, in fact, the most important thing is to strengthen immunity. It is your bodies first line of defence!

What is Propolis?
Propolis is the protective umbrella of the honeycomb. A colony of 50,000 to 60,000 bees can only produce 100-150 grams of Propolis a year, which is known as "purple gold”. It can also be regarded as a herb for bees. Propolis is a natural anti-inflammatory and bactericidal substance. It contains a large amount of flavonoids and terpenes. These substances can eliminate a variety of germs in the human body and have excellent therapeutic effects on hepatitis, nephritis and diabetes.

Hexapi German Organic Propolis Capsules:
✅ Rich in amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and flavonoids
✅Promote cell regeneration and enhance the activity of immune system cells
✅Improve immunity and fight against coronavirus to maintain healthy body
✅ Rich in antibacterial ingredients to prevent mold, bacteria or virus from invading
✅Improve the ability to resist colds and flu, and also help with stomach ulcers and bronchial diseases

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