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The story of each unique batch of Hexapi honey starts in spring as the first flowers blossom. Then, our talented bees start their work of relentlessly collecting nectar, travelling back and forth between flowers and hive. The sweet and precious nectar is concentrated and enriched with enzymes in the hive as it is passed from bee to bee. It is finally stored in the honeycomb and sealed.

All through this process, our beekeepers have diligently looked after the bee and their hives. Finally, in late summer, the honey is ready. By September, our beekeepers can harvest the honey by removing parts of the honeycombs, always being careful to leave the reserves essential to the bees. Next, they remove the beeswax that seals the honey in the honeycomb; it's then manually spun to carefully remove the honey without damaging the honeycombs. 

We are committed to our purpose of bringing the best and highest quality honey produce to Hong Kong and beyond.

All Hexapi Honey is made by Bees in Germany!

Lars & Alice