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Hexapi Honey was founded by two honey lovers, a biologist and an engineer who wanted to share their healthy living and passion for premium handmade honeys with others.

When we started out, there were three other organic family beekeepers who worked with us. Today, the Hexapi family has grown to over 50 small rural beekeeping families all over Germany, whose busy bees produce 35 unique raw organic honeys from a wealth of natural landscapes. And like wine reflects the complexity of the soil and weather, our small-batch artisanal honey tells the story of the bee hive surroundings, many of them virtually untouched by the hand of man.

Our honeys are the culmination of hard work that begins when the first flowers blossom and the bees start their busy task of going relentlessly back and forth between flowers and hive to collect nectar. In the hive, the precious nectar is then passed from bee to bee while being concentrated and enriched with enzymes until it is finally stored in the comb and sealed.

Then eventually, after having spent months looking after their bees, at long last our beekeepers can remove parts of the filled combs without touching the reserves essential to the bees. After removing the beeswax that seals the cells of the comb, the beekeeper spins the combs manually and the honey is carefully removed without harming the combs.

To ensure absolute purity our beekeepers bottle their local specialities directly on their farms as done since generations instead of using far away production lines. We don’t do any blending, colourising or infusing, nor do we pasteurise or heat honey since this destroys all pollen, enzymes, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals in honey!

Our honey has to comply with the German Honey Regulations, which have not been legislated in any other country but have existed in Germany for more than 70 years. These include the German food laws and its particular regulations on honey but also the quality guidelines of the German Honey Purification Act that stipulates extremely strict quality standards of honey since 1976. In addition we have to fulfil the regulations on enzyme contents in honey from 1931 and the quality criteria set out by the German Beekeepers Association from 1925.

Moreover, are all our beekeepers and honeys annually certified organic by DE-ÖKO-006 and Bioland which ensures organic farming principles with highest demands on quality, taste and naturalness.

Our motto, “100 % natural, raw, pure & untreated - Straight from the comb!” is hence not only reflected in our superior quality, unique honey flavours and health benefits but also summarises our philosophy on fair partnerships with rural family beekeepers and the protection of local agricultural.

By enjoying our specialities you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for others and the environment - this is fair trade lived by Hexapi Honey every day.


Hexapi Honey – Retaining Natures Blessings!