Our Story

When two honey lovers, Lars, a German biologist and bee lover and Alice, an engineer from Hong Kong, realised they shared an insatiable enthusiasm for organic honey and healthy living, they knew they had to share their passion with others.

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All Hexapi Honey is made by Bees in Germany!

Certified 100% Pure, Raw & Organic

Our honey complies with the¬†German Honey Purification Act (1976),¬†German regulations on enzyme contents (1931)¬†and quality criteria set out by the¬†German Beekeepers Association (1925). All our beekeepers and honey are annually¬†certified organic¬†by¬†DE-√ĖKO-006¬†and¬†Bioland.

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All Hexapi Honey is made by Bees in Germany!

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    All Hexapi Honey is made by Bees in Germany!

Our Philosophy

When two honey lovers, Lars, a German biologist¬†and bee lover¬†and Alice, an engineer from Hong Kong, realised they shared an insatiable enthusiasm for organic honey and healthy living, they knew they had to share their passion with others.

So in 2015, they founded Hexapi Honey, a company created to champion well-being by supplying premium German raw and organic honey to Asia at affordable prices. 

As a start-up, Alice and Lars decided that quality would always be their number one priority. To provide unprecedented organic honey varieties, they started to seek out other artisan beekeepers who would only produce honey that would always surpass their strict quality standards of '100% natural, raw, pure & untreated and always straight from the honeycomb'.

Hexapi was born with a team of only three other organic family beekeepers; 6 years on, we have grown the Hexapi family to over 50 small rural beekeepers based all over Germany. Our bees produce 35 unique, small-batch artisanal, raw and organic honey varieties, all with delicious flavours that tell the story of the local natural flora, often virtually untouched by man's hand. In addition, we always form fair partnerships with rural family beekeepers that share our philosophy to protect local agriculture. We are committed to our purpose of bringing the best and highest quality honey produce to Hong Kong and beyond.

Our Flavours

The story of each unique batch of Hexapi honey starts in spring as the first flowers blossom. Then, our talented bees start their work of relentlessly collecting nectar, travelling back and forth between flowers and hive. The sweet and precious nectar is concentrated and enriched with enzymes in the hive as it is passed from bee to bee. It is finally stored in the honeycomb and sealed.

All through this process, our beekeepers have diligently looked after the bee and their hives. Finally, in late summer, the honey is ready. By September, our beekeepers can harvest the honey by removing parts of the honeycombs, always being careful to leave the reserves essential to the bees. Next, they remove the beeswax that seals the honey in the honeycomb; it's then manually spun to carefully remove the honey without damaging the honeycombs.

Purity guaranteed

The purity of Hexapi honey is protected by bottling directly on the farm (instead of industrial production lines), and we always insist on zero blending and zero additives. Our honey is never heated or pasteurised to protect the pollen, enzymes, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals.

Our honey complies with the German Honey Purification Act (1976), guaranteeing rigorous quality standards, German regulations on enzyme contents (1931) and quality criteria set out by the German Beekeepers Association (1925). Furthermore, our beekeepers and honey are certified organic by DE-√ĖKO-006 and Bioland, ensuring organic farming principles with the highest demands on quality, taste, and naturalness.